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Other Facts of USA

The following are some other facts about USA for your convenience.

The Mis sis sippi-Missouri is the longest river in the USA.

Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, is the USA's largest lake.

The Grand Canyon, in the State of Arizona, is one of the USA's World Heritage Sites.

Six hundred and forty thousand years ago, a massive volcanic eruption took place in present-day Yellowstone Park (Wyoming). The caldera is seventy kilometres long and thirty kilometres wide. Yellowstone became the world's first National Park in 1872.

Skeletons of prehistoric animals buried by volcanic ash in the State of Nebraska can be seen at the Ashfall State Historical Park.

Sixteen thousand years ago North America was covered with trees, such as pines, poplar and spruce. Wolves, coyotes, sabre-toothed cats and mammoths inhabited the country.

Fossilized remains of mammoths and other creatures have been found in Tennessee.

Twenty thousand years ago nomadic people, thought to have traveled from Asia, hunted mammoths and antelope in New Mexico.

The Indian princess Pocahontas (1595-1617) was a friend to the colonists of Jamestown in Virginia at a time when they were finding life difficult. During a period when she was held captive, to exchange for English prisoners, Pocahontas met and married the colonist John Rolfe.

Well remembered Native American Indian leaders include Cochise (Apache) Geronimo (Apache) and Sitting Bull (Sioux).

Famous American outlaws include Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy.

Oklahoma was a centre of the early cattle industry.

The State of Louisiana was named after the French King Louis XIV.

Henry Wadsworth' Longfellow wrote the poem "Paul Revere's Ride". It tells the story of the ride through the country to alert people to the beginning of the American War of Independence: Between 1927 and 1941.

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