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travel guide comprises a bundle if information realaled to travel guide USA. America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. He sailed from Spain on his voyage of discovery to find out unknownlands and a new way to eastern Asia. Long before Columbus was born, the people of Europe had been trading with the far East. Spices, drugs, and precious stones,silks, and other articles of luxury. They traded for the copper, tin, coral, and woolens of Europe, and then carried to Veniceand Genoa, whence merchants spread them over all Europe. For more information click on usa travel guide.

While this trade was at its height, Asia Minor (from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean) was conquered by theTurks, the caravan routes across that country were seized, and when Constantinople was captured (in 1453), the trade of Genoa was stopped. Ten years later Vasco da Gama sailed around the end of Africa, up the east coast,and on to India, and brought home a cargo of eastern products. A way to India by water was known to Europe.

Columbus believed a new route could be found by sailing due westward from Europe. After many years of fruitless effort to secure aid to test his plan, he obtained help from Spain. On his first voyage westward Columbus discovered the Bahama Islands, Cuba, and Haiti. In the belief that he had reached the Indies, the lands Columbus found were called the Indies, and their inhabitants Indians. Nobody knows just which of the Bahamas Columbus discovered. Three of the group Cat, Turks and Watling each claim the honor. At present Watling is believed to have been San Salvador.

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